Step 1:

Cut:  White: 8 – 1 ¾ X WOF;  Red: 10 – 1 ¾ X WOF;  Grey: 2 – 1 ¾ X 38;  Mini panels: 42 – 4 ¼ X 4 ¼

Step 2:

Sew red and white 1 ¾ X WOF together. Make 6.


Step 3:

Sew above red and white strips to another red 1 ¾ X WOF. White should be in the middle of the two red strips. Make 4.

Step 4:

Sew red and white strips from step 2 to another white 1 ¾ X WOF. Red should be in the middle of the two white strips.  Make 2.


Step 5:

Sub-cut the above panels vertically into 1 ¾” strips. Make 42 with red in middle.  Make 84 with white in the middle.


Step 6:

Assemble 42 nine patch squares.


Step 7:

Assemble the nine patch borders. Use the picture below for layout of nine patch alternating with the mini block print.  Vertical column is 2X14.  Make 2.  Horizontal row is 2X7.  Make 2. Notice that the 2X7 rows are identical and the vertical columns are mirror images.


Step 8:

Panel: Trim panel to 24 ¼ X 38 (NOTE: due to variations in seam allowances and pressing it is a good idea to trim the large panel once you have the nine patch borders assembled.


Add grey strips to the sides of the panel.

Then add the nine patch borders


Step 9:

Cut border print.

Sides: Cut 4 pieces of border print 6”XWOF. Sew 2 pieces together to make a 90X6 piece.  Make 2.  Sub cut to the length of your quilt.   Add to sides.

Top and Bottom: Cut 2 pieces of the border print lengthwise.  The sample used 9 ½ wide by width of project.  It is best to measure your project and cut the length to fit.  You can choose two repeats that are the exact same or you can choose two different repeats.  The width of this will determine the finished length of your quilt. It is possible to make this quilt longer if you like by increasing the width of this border.


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