Panel Window Pane Quilt Kit


Craig’s has two colour ways for this project. Traditional red and green as seen below and a modern grey and gold version!

Trim block so it measures 20X35 then cut into 5X7 pieces. 4 across and 7 down.

sept 2015 075

sept 2015 080
It’s a good idea to number your blocks to help keep them in order.

sept 2015 082

Cut the following in dark print 2X7 white 2X2 and 2X5 respectively.

sept 2015 081

Add white 2×7 along bottom of all the blocks.

sept 2015 083

Layer your 2×2 white over your 2×7 dark print and sew from corner to corner as seen below.

sept 2015 084

Trim and press open.

sept 2015 085

Add to the left side of the blocks as seen below.

sept 2015 086

Cut black strips 1 ½ x 7 and add to the other side of the block as seen below.

sept 2015 087

Now you can sew your blocks into rows

sept 2015 088

Add 1 ½ strips to the to the horizontal rows and outside where needed to finish the center.

sept 2015 089

Cut outside red 4 ½” border and sew on…. Finish with our without taps at top.


Check out this kit in this traditional colour way or the stunning silver/gold version.